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Due to the health situation in the world and the associated necessary measures taken regarding the Corona virus, we at SEGULA have reacted.

For the protection of our employees and their families we have switched to emergency operation at our headquarters in Horb am Neckar.

We are still there for you! You can reach us by phone and e-mail, you can contact us at the usual e-mail addresses and by phone. / Phone: 07483 / 91278-0

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We do our best to help you and us through this difficult situation!

Together we will achieve the best possible.

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Light + Building



Our vision is to bring good light into people's living rooms. With environmentally friendly and thoughtful production, with energy-saving, state-of-the-art LED technology and a lot of heart! Because we want to leave an intact and functioning environment to future generations! 


Since 2009 Segula and his partner are constantly developing new innovations and designs on the LED market. And all this with the highest quality standards.

A journey through the decade
  • 2009 Introduction of the first LED bulb in the design of an original bulb
  • 2010 100% dimmability of LED bulbs in bulb shape
  • 2011 First fully dimmable LED illuminant with 1055 lumen
  • 2013 Introduction of the light colour "Ambiente" with 2200 Kelvin
  • 2014 Introduction of LED filament technology in the form of incandescent lamps
  • 2015 Complete changeover from SMD to filament technology and increase in CRI at 90
  • 2016 Introduction of the "Smokey Line" and the "Golden Line
    Introduction of "Ambinet Dimming" technology Introduction of S14 line lamps
  • 2017/1 Introduction of the "Design Line" with flexible LED filaments
    Introduction of the "BIG BULBS" with E40 base
  • 2017/2 Introduction of the "Art Line
    Introduction of "High Brightness" lamps with up to 4250 lumens
  • 2018 Introduction of "Flower" and "Beer Bulb
    Increase of the CRI up to 95
  • 2019 Introduction of "Successive" and "Ambient Dimming" technology in a flexible LED filament




    SMD Technologie


For 10 years, the SEGULA brand has stood for innovation, premium quality and timeless aesthetics. From the very beginning, these principles have also determined the development of our exclusive range of LED lamps.

Who we are
Segula GmbH

Located in the Black Forest, we bring "good" light to the whole world. From our headquarters, with a 10-person highly motivated team, we coordinate a worldwide network of partners and manufacturers. 
Our main focus is on quality and state-of-the-art LED technology. Our patented LED light sources are not only intended for architects or lighting planners and restaurateurs, but for anyone who wants to bring beautiful LED light  into their home!

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