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Which LED replaces my 100 Watt light bulb?
Incandescent Bulb       LED                Fluorescent             Halogen
25W 249 lm 229 lm 217 lm
40W 470l m 432 lm 410 lm
60W 806 lm 741 lm 702 lm
75W 1055 lm 970 lm 920 lm
100W 1521 lm 1398 lm 1326 lm
Which dimmer fits to my SEGULA LED lamp?

You can find tested dimmers that match the SEGULA lamps in our dimmer list.
These can be found under Service / Downloads.
If you do not use any of them, we recommend phase section dimmers with low power consumption!

What does the Kelvin specification mean?

Light is emitted by LED lamps in various colour tones (colour temperatures). However, this does not mean coloured lamps (red, yellow, blue, green, orange) but the “appearance” of the light. This colour temperature is given in Kelvin.

Warmer light colours (warm white) range from 2,000 to 3,300 Kelvin

Neutral light colours (neutral white) range from 3,300 to approx. 5,000 Kelvin

Daylight white light colours (daylight) are at 5000 Kelvin upwards.

In WATT’sons Blog you will find a more detailed explanation with some examples of which color temperature is suitable for which application.

What is the CRI?


CRI – the Color Rendering Index is the measure of the color rendering of a light source. The “colour rendering index” or the abbreviation “Ra”, which we find again and again. The maximum value is 100, which means that the closer the CRI of a lamp comes to 100, the better the colour rendering of this lamp. The maximum value of 100 theoretically stands for the optimum colour representation of the wavelengths we perceive.

Read more about the CRI at WATT’son and why it is important to judge the quality of an LED!

What do the symbols on the packaging mean?

LED illuminant is dimmable


LED Leuchtmittel ist nicht dimmbar
LED illuminant is NOT dimmable


LED Illuminant with Ambient Dimming Technology


Time up to 60% luminosity after switching on the lamp


Time up to 100% luminosity after switching on the light source


Light source is not suitable for outdoor use – protect from moisture


Do not use lamps in closed luminaires


Do not touch broken lamp, risk of injury!




Please read the instructions for use before use.



Beam angle of the light source

CE ZeichenLight source is certified for safe use


Elektroschrott, Sondermüll

Do not dispose of illuminant in household waste – Electronic scrap



I ordered 10 lamps, why aren’t they exactly the same size?

Because at SEGULA everything is still produced by hand. Above all to guarantee consistent quality. That is why there are minimal deviations within a product range. However, these are ALWAYS within the tolerances!

Can I order the pendant luminaires with different cable lengths and colours?

 Unfortunately not. The products in our online shop are available as shown and described. If you would like to order large quantities in other designs please write to – in most cases we will find a solution!

I am a dealer, do I get special conditions?

Sure! Just subscribe in our online shop under dealer registration.

How long does it take for my product to reach me?

Usually we deliver in about 2-3 days! This is for all products on stock. Depending on the product, the delivery time can sometimes take up to three weeks. This is partly due to the fact that we cooperate with worldwide producers and that some of the high-quality goods are still produced by hand on call. If you want to make sure that your order arrives on time, please don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call!

How do I dispose of my old light bulbs or LED illuminants correctly?

Disposal instructions

Our information and return obligations
according to the electrical law (ElektroG)










Symbol on electrical and electronic equipment


This crossed-out wheeled bin means that electrical and electronic equipment does not belong in household waste. You must hand in your old equipment at a collection point. Before handing in, you must separate used batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed in the old appliance from it.

You can hand in your waste equipment free of charge at the following collection points:

SEGULA GMBH, Bergwiesenäcker 15, D-72160 Horb – Mühringen

Why is it that my lamp does not shine in the socket, but does in other lamps?

It is possible that the contacts are too flat and only need to be bent slightly upwards. Please disconnect the lamp from the power supply!

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