Good light in all

  • LED Lampe, Soft Line, LED Leuchtmittel, SEGULA Soft Line

    Soft Line

    Modern LED technology in modern design. For demanding lighting projects as well as for a certain WOW factor at home! 

  • Art Line

    Classic shapes in completely new styles. Through modern and highly efficient LED technology it is possible to omit the glass bodies around the soft filaments. Thus fantasy and form are no more borders set. Absolutely unbreakable and always an eye-catcher!

  • Vintage Line

    Who wouldn’t want the “good old light bulb” back! With the Vintage Line we can enjoy the warm, pleasant light of the light bulbs. But with the highly efficient and energy-saving LED technology. Modernity packed in a pretty retro dress. Not only for nostalgics!

  • Ambient Line

    Not only the optics are convincing! With the technically highly developed Ambient Dimming technology it is possible to change the light colour while dimming the LED lamp! Completely based on the filament of the incandescent lamp. The less light, the warmer the LED lamps of the Ambient Line shine. For the right atmosphere.

  • Bright Line

    In the Bright Line, the luminous efficacy and energy efficiency are particularly impressive. Do you need a lot of light? You can get it here. With a lumen output of up to 4250 lumen and various shapes and bases, the right LED illuminant for your project!

  • X-Tra Line

    Accessories, accessories, accessories! The X-Tra Line always has the matching counterpart to the LED lamps. From the designer lampshade to the retro pendant lamp to the right dimmer and cable. The assortment is constantly extended, table lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps – it is always worth it!


Not all LEDs are the same – there is an ideal LED light source for every area and every application!

For your requirements, we have the suitable lighting!


Can’t imagine what your project looks like? Here you can find some of our most beautiful examples of the application of our high-class LED illuminants.

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