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On most light source packaging we find the indication “powerfactor”. But very few people know what to do with it. So let’s dig a little into the basic physical knowledge and find out what the power factor says about the quality of an LED illuminant. It’s best to ask “WATT’son”, he certainly knows what’s going on.


With LEDs, the problem of reactive current or reactive power plays a major role. This is caused by inductance. The reactive current transports energy from the supplier to the consumer and back again and again. This is why it is also known as the ping-pong effect. Basically, it simply does NOT bring us anything as consumers. It is therefore important to reduce this reactive current to a minimum in advance. Because it is not only unnecessary, it also generates heat and they always want to avoid it. The reactive current consumption can already be reduced to almost 0 by correct circuit measures within the power supply unit.


The active power is the actual consumption without the reactive power – i.e. the “BEING”. Apparent power consists of both and forms the apparent consumption, the “APPEARANCE”. So here, as so often, it is “more appearance than being”.


The powerfactor now refers to the ratio between active power and apparent power. It always moves between 0 and ideally 1. The closer the value is to 1, the better and more efficient a light source is. The power factor thus says a lot about the quality of the electrical circuit inside a lamp and should not be neglected. Good quality means little unnecessary consumption and long life!

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SEGULA LED illuminants have a power factor of over 0.8 throughout – and are therefore in the top quality segment of the industry. Have a look at our online shop and convince yourself!




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